Protection of radio equipment against increase of tension of a network

11/07/2016 - 15:57

the Most part of modern radio equipment has pulse power supplies which in case of an overload fail. Constantly to supervise mains voltage it is inconvenient and it is not effective. The overload at working equipment can occur at any time. The offered device allows to prevent damage of electrodevices and radio engineering from tension increase. The simplest option of protection of equipment from an overload can be executed, using the special gazorazryadnik included after entrance safety locks. It has such characteristic that gas breakdown in the case occurs at excess of operating tension above 270 Century. The worked rated sportsman forces to burn down entrance safety locks that will interrupt tension giving on all switched-on devices.

the Main shortcomings of a gazorazryadnik is its deficiency and a noncontrollable threshold of operation. to

the Provided circuit is similar on the work trailer to a rated sportsman. Only instead of it more available electronic switchboard a simistor is used. Thus it is possible to establish a threshold of opening of VS1 by means of the R4 resistor at level of 260 Volts (operating value). The C1 condenser eliminates circuit operation from short-term hindrances (emissions). To establish a light-emitting diode of HL1 it is not obligatory, but it is convenient for having at control when management of a simistor can be disconnected temporarily. Such circuit is useful to rural areas, when all village as though сговорясь, disconnect lighting in hen houses, hothouses etc. And then all village look for multipliers for TVs.

Protection of radio equipment against increase of tension of a network

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