Management of the computer from any DU panel

03/03/2017 - 17:25

By means of this device it is possible to operate the computer, so and any its appendix, sitting on a favourite sofa by means of the ordinary panel.

For creation of this system is required to you:

  1. Infra-red TK1833 or TSOP-17 receiver **
  2. Tryokhzhilny wire (near 3м)
  3. The resistor on 10кОм and still the resistor on 5кОм
  4. The socket for mother type COM port (the socket as at old mice)
  5. Electrolytic condenser in capacity 10мкФ
  6. The diode KD522 or КД521 or any what will find silicon
  7. Well and naturally straight arms:) (differently in any way)

we Will start...

Appearance of the TK1833 IR receiver

IR receiver conclusions if to look camber to itself, from left to right:

  1. Alarm - DCD
  2. The general - GND
  3. Food "+" RTS

we Assemble the device according to this circuit...

to Turn out approximately the following...

Further it is necessary to load the software for control of reaction of the computer for this or that team from a remote control.
Programs exists quite a lot, except what here are presented.


The Girder program is capable to accept signals from any panel and to process them according to settings.
Girder Loading

Шторы под заказ на сайте

"IgorPlug" - a plug-in for Girder'á, convenient and easy in control. Loading

Management of the computer from any DU panel

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