Optronov not to be sorry!!!

01/27/2017 - 02:04

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At each designer - the approaches, the receptions, the glitches and repeating from the project in the project standard bricks. That who saw at least some pages on this site, already something was evident. I will try to tell about the favourite bricks (in silicon), with reference to circuitry of automobile audio and the devices serving lamp devices (a food, automatic equipment, protection, etc.) .

Optronov - not to feel sorry!

Is a question first of all about оптронах 293 series with two-forked MDP transistors on an exit (depending on the circuit, they can be replaceable on unidirectional MDP, or usual bipolar). Why I use оптроны in situations when, apparently, it is simpler to put a hybrid key? By definition, a galvanic outcome, absence of "millerovsky" influence of an exit to an entrance, but besides - information to reflection...

  • , as well as the ordinary not polarized relay, realizes logic And (besides an entrance current, a food of a target chain is necessary Also).
  • One operating chain (we will tell, the collector current of the key transistor) can operate several оптронами. And оптроны can be both closing, and disconnecting (i.e. economy on logic), and in the presence of a sufficient ceiling of collector tension of primary chain their entrance diodes turn on consistently - economy on a consumed current (and it already belongs to lamp circuits where the volt is too much, and a milliamper - it is not enough).
  • MDP-optrona's
  • rather slow (inclusion of 1 ms, switching off 0.1мс) that in circuits of automatic equipment simplifies tinkling sound suppression at inclusion switching off (as the external managing director of a signal connected with a tinkling sound, and with self-excitation).

    At everything told - оптроны are expensive to li, and the range of target currents is small (to 200мА in low-voltage devices of 293 series).

    Example: the power unit of a lamp preamplifier in which are used both closing (normally opened), and disconnecting (normally closed) MDP-optrona. The logic of the circuit such is that at food inclusion left according to the circuit оптрон should be OPENED, and right WILL CLOSE. Normally closed MDP-optopara's replacement on NPN оптрон with the additional inverter in primary chain is admissible provided that a food of the inverter moves BEFORE emergence of essential positive tension on an exit of the filter (С2).

    Example: switching independent 6В batteries for creation of a source of negative tension in the car. At removal of a signal of REMOTE the charger is connected to the battery (a slow charge by constant tension). 293 series with normal closed executive transistors (direct replacement of the relay with the switching three of target contacts) to . Certainly , the circuit can be constructed by em and on usual, normally opened, two-forked MDP-optronakh, with external inverters (and it is even better a latch on tinkling sound suppression) but so it is more beautiful! the full circuit

    Example: a key stabilizer of heat of lamps in the automobile amplifier. Nizhny according to the circuit оптрон, generally, is not necessary, it is possible to submit a signal of REMOTE on lock Т2 as is. And here the top - just on the place! In the circuit can be used and bipolar оптроны.

Optronov not to be sorry!!!

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