The charger for automobile accumulators

01/04/2017 - 14:30

Acid accumulators "do not love long stay without work". The deep self-category happens is pernicious for them. If the car is put on long-term parking, there is a problem: what to do with the accumulator. Him or send somebody to work, or sell that is equally inconvenient. to

Ya I offer rather simple device which can serve both for a charging of accumulators, and for their long-term storage in working condition.

From a secondary winding of the T1 transformer the current in which is limited by inclusion consistently with primary winding of the ballast condenser (С1 or С1+С2), the current moves on diode тиристорный the bridge which loading is the storage battery (GB1). As a regulating element the automobile regulator of tension of the generator (RNG) on 14 In any type, intended for generators with the earthed brush is applied. By me are tested a regulator of type 121.3702 and integrated - Я112А. When using "integralka" conclusions of "B" both "In" incorporate together and with "+" GB1. The conclusion "Ш" incorporates to a chain of operating electrodes of tiristor. Thus, on the storage battery tension 14В is supported at the charging current defined by capacity of the C2 condenser which roughly pays off on a formula:

where Iз - a charging current (And), U2 - tension of a secondary winding at "normal" turning on of the transformer (In), U1 - tension of a network.

the Transformer - any, capacity 150... 250 VA, with tension on a secondary winding 20... 36 Century. Bridge diodes - any on rated current not less than 10 A.Tiristoras - КУ202 In, etc.

of S1 serves G as p for switching of modes of a charging and storage. The current of a charging gets out equal 0,1 from numerical value of capacity of the accumulator, and a storage current - 1... 1.5А.

If is possibility, periodically, approximately once in two weeks, it is desirable to make the category of the storage battery a current 2Iз with control of temperature of electrolit. Control

the device practically does not demand p. Probably, it is necessary to specify condenser capacity, supervising a current the ampermeter. Thus it is necessary to close накоротко conclusions 15 and 67 (B, In and Ш).

(RL 5-99)

The charger for automobile accumulators

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