Director of a radio noise

02/20/2017 - 22:57

The director of a radio noise is intended for work in system of active protection of information. The director of a radio noise in the included condition creates electromagnetic hindrances on air with intensity sufficient for masking of informative radiations from used office equipment, including from electronic computer facilities and as provides effective suppression of radiations of low-power transmitters of a range of 30 MHz - 1000 MHz. This updating of the device, besides, can be applied to prevention of activation of radiomicrophones with remote control, by means of impact on entrance chains of the receiver of remote control.

Main technical characteristics

1. Level of a pomekhovy signal on target sockets in поддиапазонах frequencies

10kgts-100kgts (Г=200Гц) not less than 65 dB

150kgts-30mgts (Г=9кГц) not less than 65 dB

30mgts-1ggts (Г=120кГц) not less than 45 dB

2. Normirovanny spectral density of a hindrance of created PRP (Zm measured at distance from the antenna system executed in the form of a frame from a wire in the size of 2x2 m)


10kgts-ZOMGTs not less than 95-103 dB


ZOMGTs-ZOOMGTs of not less than 103-118 dB


300mgts-1ggts not less 100-118db


3. Entropiyny factor of quality of a hindrance not less than 0.8

4. Supply voltage 220 In 50 Hz

the Schematic diagram of the device

the Device is constructed by p according to the classical circuit of the noise generator of a radio-frequency range. Comments, as they say, are excessive. However it should be noted that a thermal operating mode of the circuit the very heavy. On VT1-VT4 transistors radiators not less than 100 quarter see on everyone, under condition of good internal ventilation of the case are necessary. It is better to replace R1 and R2 resistors with one 4,7 Ohms in capacity of 10 W.

Recommendations about the equipment of rooms

1. Installation of antenna systems is carried out by fastening to a wall by plastic fixing brackets.

2. For masking by a hindrance of a range of frequencies above 1МГц exit HZ/X4 serves. Aerials are mounted in the 3rd vzaimnoperpendikulyarny planes in the form of the 3rd short-circuited loops of an odnozhilny wire of the MGShV type, laid on room perimeter. All three loops to solder and connect according to drawing 2.

of the Fig. 2

the Optimum sizes of a framework (1.5-3) мх (2-5) m under condition of removal from a room corner no more 1м. Z.Pri's

of need of masking by a hindrance of a range of frequencies is lower than p 1МГц, to entrance X1/X2 to connect two trekhvitkovy frame aerials. The beginnings and the ends of both framework to connect respectively and to connect according to fig. 3.

of the Fig. 3

of the Frame settle down in two vzaimnoperpendikulyarny planes on room walls together with VCh aerials.razmer of a framework according to item 2. The wire connected to Х2 is necessary for earthing (as a last resort to connect to «0» sockets of the food, slightly the best option a radiator, but neighbors will not be grateful to you).

Director of a radio noise

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