The power unit on TVK-110LM

03/05/2017 - 18:45

the Power unit provides with font face bipolar target tension which can be changed from 5 to 25 Century. The maximum current of loading can reach 1 A.Pri excess of this current or short circuit on an exit works the device of protection and target tension sharply decreases on both channels. Transformers T1 and Т2 are switched on as lowering, each of them "works" for both suited. Rectifiers are executed on the VD1-VD4 diodes, the straightened tension smoothes out rather high-capacity C1 and C2 condensers. On transistors VT1, VT2 the voltage stabilizer of the channel of positive polarity, and on the VT9 transistor and VD5 stabilitron - a source of exemplary tension for this stabilizer is accurate according to the compensatory circuit. Target tension of the stabilizer is regulated by the R5 resistor. The VT7 transistor and the R3 resistor make knot of that protection. When the current of loading exceeds a preset value, the transistor opens and the voltage stabilizer passes to a mode of stabilization of a current.

In the channel of negative polarity the voltage stabilizer is transistorized by VT4-VT6, and knot of that protection - on the VT8 transistor and the R4 resistor. As exemplary tension for this stabilizer target tension of the channel of positive polarity which via the R7 resistor arrives on the VT4 base serves. Therefore at change by the variable R5 resistor of tension of positive polarity target tension of negative polarity will change also. That this change occurred synchronously and both tension was most equal, R7 and R8 resistors are picked up with identical resistance, and the counter in parallel switched-on VD6 and VD7 diodes are entered into a chain of a stabilitron. At normally working power unit the tension removed from the general point of connection of resistors relatively of the general wire, is equal to zero and the VT3 transistor? on which base this tension arrives, is closed. Except the specified unified transformers, in the power unit it is possible to use also ready transformers TS-31-1, or one transformer in capacity not less than 60 W with two vtorisny windings tension on 27... 30 In at a loading current to 1 And.

the VT1 Transistor can be Kt815a-KT815G, Kt603a-KT603G, КТ608Б

the VT2 Transistor can be КТ819А, КТ819Г, КТ805А, КТ805Б, КТ808А

the Transistor VT3, VT7, VT10 can be КТ3102А - КТ3102В, КТ342В, КТ312В, КТ315В - КТ315Е

the Transistor VT4, VT8, can be КТ3107А - КТ3107К, КТ361В - КТ361Е

the VT5 Transistor - КТ814А - КТ814Г, КТ816А - КТ816Г

the VT6 Transistor - КТ818А - КТ818Г

the VT9 Transistor - КП303Д, КП303Е, КП302А, КП302Б, КП307А, КП307Б

VD1 Diodes - VD4 - Д242, Д242Б, Д245, КД202А - КД202К or similar powerful

Diodes VD6, VD7 - КД105Б, КД105Г, КД103А, КД103Б, and also other silicon vypryamitelny diodes.

VD5 Stabilitron - КС133А, КС139А, КС147А

Powerful diodes it is possible to use font without radiators, and here VT2 and VT6 transistors not less than 200 cm 2 . At block check in case of need to change a range of adjustment of target tension it is necessary to pick up the R6 resistor. It is possible to establish value of a current of operation of protection by selection of R3 and R4 resistors.

The power unit on TVK-110LM

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