Simple pulse voltage stabilizer on КРЕН142ЕН1 on a current to 5 Amperes!

02/25/2017 - 21:57

is given by p In drawing extremely simple circuit of the pulse stabilizer. Despite that the stabilizer is accurate on an out-of-date chip, it has rather high technical characteristics and will be interesting to all at whom these chips remained. The circuit of the stabilizer is provided on drawing. In the device very original inclusion of a chip of the integrated Kr142en1 stabilizer thanks to what it was possible to reach good technical characteristics, at very simple skhemotekhnichesky decision is used. The circuit provides high noise immunity and profitability.

the Capacity of connected loading is defined by the maximum collector current of the VT1 transistor which makes: at the KT626A transistor – 0.5А, and at the GT906A transistor – 5А. For increase in loading ability parallel connection of transistors is allowed. Optimum frequency of transformation (30-40 kHz) establish selection of a throttle of L1, at the set current of loading.

Resistance of the R4 resistor, choose proceeding from value of an expected working current of loading so at a current 400 мА, its face value should be 13 Ohm, and at a current 800 мА – 4.7 Ohm. It is necessary to choose capacity of the SZ condenser in the first case – not less than 220 мкФ, and in the second – 470 мкФ. Further the throttle is made. It is necessary to remember that at big currents of loading the standard size of a ring and inductance of a throttle increases. That "zudeniye" were not audible at operation of the converter, it is necessary to reel up a wire on a ring very densely, filling by any glue will not prevent. The enough of SZ condenser, the L1 throttle should have bigger quantity of rounds. Below the rough table at the choice of basic elements of the stabilizer is provided. It is necessary as to remember that the tension on a converter entrance is higher, the there should be an inductance of a throttle less. exact installation of target tension of the stabilizer span style = "font-size:12.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Times carry out the R680E resistor .

Consumption current мА

Face value of the resistor R 4 Ohm

Standard size of a ring of a throttle of mm

C3 condenser capacity мкФ









Simple pulse voltage stabilizer on КРЕН142ЕН1 on a current to 5 Amperes!

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